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JANUARY 18 2022
Due to current the Clean up operation in the Toronto area we are on reduced staff today.
Sorry for the inconvenience, if we did not get to a phone call or email, we will get back to you,  
Everyone stay safe and thanks for your understanding.

UPDATE Pricing OCT 13 2021 and Production 2021:
You will notice that some products have had significant increases in cost, raw materials are in short supply and costs overall are up, we have no choice but to increase our prices.
We  are working hard to keep our inventory levels up, but we have not been immune to the Global Supply Chain problems. For variety of reasons we are experiencing delays and shortages from our suppliers.  To stream line production some colors have been temporally or permanently discontinued.  Please check inventory levels before assuming a delivery time.  We may also limit the amount of product sold as we are trying to avoid hoarding by some creating shortages for everyone. 
We appreciate your patients and support and will work with you to meet your needs.